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    How to best handle this situation with my instructor?

    I am here to ask for advice for damage control and ever since I’ve received some great advice. I apologize for not being clear on my original post which I had clarified asap later in the comment. You, on the other hand, wouldn’t let go of that and kept commenting on it instead of providing meaningful feedback for my current situation like other posters. You knew I can’t edit my original post after a certain amount of time, right? The digital world can’t always tell how a person is like in real life. However, based on your passive-aggressive behavior, I have a feeling that you are that type of nurse who is a pain in the butt to work with in real life. ______________________________________________________________________ To the rest of the posters, I really appreciate all the feedbacks. I have used your advice and implemented that in my journal. My instructor had provided positive feedback in response to my journal. I will be more attentive and I am very looking forward to the upcoming clinical.
  2. snowlion_m

    How to best handle this situation with my instructor?

    Thanks guys, I will just not to “explain” and let it go. Will try to be more attentive and prepared in the future clinical.
  3. Hello everyone, So I have encountered a situation where there was probably a misunderstanding between me and my instructor at the clinical today. Two days into the clinical, my instructor assigned everyone’s duty each day. Some were assigned med pass, some were assigned to look after two patient, I was assigned to one patient today. One hour drive to the clinical site at 5 a.m gave me a brain fart during the first hour into the clinical. 1) My instructor wanted us to wait outside of an assigned room while waiting for the nurse to arrive. Apparently, I didn’t hear that part so I followed my nurse to each patient’s room instead of waiting outside the room of my patient. 2) After my mind started to clear a little bit, I wanted to assess my patient so I rushed into his room while he was seating on the bedside commode… My instructor did try to stop me but I honestly just focusing on my patient so I didn’t hear her, again. 3) During downtime, I asked my nurse if she needs help with anything. She said she’d love me to help her with medication because she was falling behind. So I asked my instructor if I can pass med so she can supervise me. She said she had many people to look after so she’d be too busy to let me pass meds - since I was not on the schedule for med pass. My understanding of the schedule was - it’s mandatory to pass med if you are on med pass day, if not then it’s optional - so I’d ask for permission first. I didn’t know that means “ absolutely not ”. Anyways, it wasn’t like she was busy - she was chatting with another instructor who’s in charge of another cohort on a different floor for 30 minutes straight. I meant you get paid to teach us, not to chat. Anyways, at the end of the clinical, we had a conference. She addressed the above issues to everyone and avoid looking at me. I knew she was talking about me. She also said she’d write comments on the clinical feedback and all we need to reply was to admit the mistake we made, nothing else needed. It seems like she is not interested in an explanation. I possibly gave her the impression of being standoffish and not following the instruction. But honestly…I just didn’t know. For my clinical feedback, she wrote, " Did ok communication with staff but need to let the nurse know before giving the med & follow instructions given". Well, my nurse knew I was giving meds and there's no miscommunication between me and the nurse so IDK why you said that. I felt like I came off a little clumsy and missed the window to explain my brain fart mistakes. But should I explain myself a little on a weekly journal that I am about to turn in? For clinical feedback, I plan on just admit my mistakes as she asked me to. I’d like to know your guys' opinion on how to best handle this situation. Much appreciated.