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  1. I’m think looking for advice or just others stories. I’m planning on applying for fall 2019 to a community college ASN program. I’ve taken all my pre-reqs and co courses and just need to take the teas. Now I’m rethinking due to recently coming into some insecurities I’m not sure how to cope with. I’ve started working in a hospital pharmacy and I’ve been exposed to people actively dying and people who have died in passing. I can’t cope (get nervous, want to leave the area immediately, and I dwell on those situations days after and feel sad and scared for the patients) with those situations and I’m not even involved how would I cope while in nursing school or once I become a nurse? I already know I don’t want to do hospital nursing regardless and am interested in doctors office type environments but I am assuming you’re exposed to those situations during clinicals and I’m not sure I want to put myself through that. Should I take this as a sign and look into other avenues. Thanks!!