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  1. That’s what S said, when I spoke to him in the beginning of the month
  2. HKP_soon2bRN

    College of the Desert Spring 2020

    Hi everyone, I havent seen a forum for this application period. So, i wanted to create one, in hopes of, support and encouragement during the waiting period.
  3. At least you’ll know by the end of the month, I get to wait another 2 weeks after CEP finds out! Either way, I’m excited and hopeful to hear back!
  4. No worries, thanks for the update tho!
  5. Hi! Thanks for the update... Do you know if all 3 programs will be hearing at the end of the month or just CEP??
  6. Hi! I’m not sure I took them together... You may want to call and ask S though
  7. I agree, I will be doing the same!
  8. ... I didnt know she was on maternity leave! If it felt like forever last semester, its gonna feel like eternity this semester!
  9. I applied to ADN and LVN to RN, you??
  10. I spoke to Steve earlier this week, he said, CEP applicants will be notified first (end of the week or beginning of next), all other applicants will be notified by Nov-early Dec...
  11. I know!! Honestly, I don’t see anyone hearing back anytime soon, unless you applied for the CEP
  12. I don’t believe so