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  1. So once again I am here shaking my head of the quality of nurses having to deal with in this day and age. I have said before they are ***y bossy and their word is golden. My newest experience husband was ordered an endoscopic ultrasound with small needle aspiration on his pancreas. They called, made the appointment and sent me instructions. As Im reading these instruction Im saying to myself this is not right. He was scheduled for a rectal ultrasound for the prostate. After many calls and got the procedure corrected I was told the nurse made an error. Really no one checks the nurses? Had I not been knowledgeable and caught this he would have had a procedure not necessary and wrong, then would have to go again to have the proper procedure done. Loss of confidence happens in these cases. I do not want this nurse anywhere near my husband on the day of his procedure as she is is incompetent. Mistakes like this are what pisses me offl We all have made mistakes but scheduling the wrong procedure is unforgivable. ***** guys please go back to be compassionate caring and double checking your moves
  2. gehrig592

    Nurses Are So Bossy...

    So while you are all condeming me for my comments let me say this. It is not that I didnt get my way and I know better than to interfere with the nurse cause that alone could cause an issue. Let me explain so maybe you will stop bashing me. Someone wrote that dealing with drs - patients - family and being in pulled in so many directions they dont want to deal with bs. Well maybe you are in the wrong profession. That being said - this has to do with my own personal experience and it was reported to the administrator and problem will never happen again to me or other patients. I was scheduled for surgery and during the phone call with instructions I explained how nervous I was and wanted my husband with me until I was wheeled into the or. The nurse told me they dont want that as its easier on them. I said he was coming in and he would not get in there way at all. They didnt like it but he came in with me. There was enough room so that was not the issue. I could not move acertain part of my body and needed help getting changed. They pulled the curtain on him and said she needs her privacy to which I said been married for over 30 yrs and I need his help. Nurse came in and helped me and left my husband out there. This is what I mean about caring and compassion. Like my husband has never seen me naked..c'mon. I wanted to go to the bathroom before IV got hooked up and asked my husband to come with me - nurse said I will help you he can stay there. Once again, really? I told her I didnt need her help and struggled on my own. After surgery everyone was wonderful even let him come into recovery for a few mins. Just the pacu nurses. I am putting myself on the other side and hoping that I never put anyone in that position. As far as it not being a right of the patient if they want someone in pacu with them, it absolutely is. Most people will listen when the nurse tells them to wait but others really want someone in there for comfort and that should be understood. As far as the IV I mentioned. My husband had to go to the er. Doctor was wonderful but the nurses once again ***y like he was a bother. I went back with him sat in a chair did not talk or interfere with them. Triage nurse calls us back - is pissed off cause all the wires for her monitor were tangled. She hooks him up takes bp then says take off your pants and throws a gown on the bed - last we saw of her - wow....how about how are you feeling - let me know if I can do anything - The nurse that put the IV in was even worse. Came in with a puss on her face - didnt explain why she was putting an iv in or talk at all (I knew because he was going for ct w/contrast). He has great veins and and IV has never been an issue. I was watching her poke around at his veins and he told her I have great veins so this shouldn't be a problem. She again said nothing - I turned my head for a second and heard him scream - he told her the pain is all the way down my are. Oh I hit a nerve she says - she put the needle to the left side instead of the middle. Blood was coming out dripping on the floor. Knowing how nurses are anymore I said nothing but told my husband if that was me I would have told her to take it out and get somone else to do it. Never saw her again either. This too was reported to hospital admin. as while we had a previous appt with orthro doc for prior wrist surgery we had him look at the arm of the IV issue. He said she did not hit a nerve she hit a tendon. He still has electric shock pain and will have to be monitored. All my husband kept saying was that ***hurt me. So while you are so quick to slam me I wanted you to know that as a patient on the other side of nursing I am just appalled at the way people are treated - and I am not saying this all of you but am finding lately that it is so different anymore - and please know that we are not the boss - the patient is and they should feel comfortable , safe and assured.
  3. gehrig592

    Nurses Are So Bossy...

    So I am wondering what has happened to nursing over the past years. We used to care, be compassionate and have now become nothing but bossy hated people. Examples - Nurses do not want spouses back in pre op - well first of all that is their right if they want their spouse with them. I had an experience where they actually closed the curtain on my spouse and said its easier on us if youre not here. who cares if its easier on you. people going into surgery are nervous and scared and if having their spouse with them so be it. STOP being bossy as your word is final. it is not. the patient has the say in what goes on with their treatment not you. You screwed up putting an iv in and when questioned you get pissy. I have lost faith in my old profession as i have seen nothing but miserable ***y bossy nurses. you need to explain yourselves