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  1. Hi there! I’ve just started looking more into quality control type jobs and wondering if that is similar to what you do. Based on what you described, it sounds like it could be something that would be similar to what’s available around me, and I’m wondering if there are any specifics you could give me as to what you do on a daily basis. I currently work in a clinic setting and I love the “normal lifestyle hours“ but wondering what kind of hours the job that you work has or if it’s easy to take vacation, especially around the holiday times. Any insight you have would be so helpful as i can decide if it’s something I would love or just not enjoy at all... thanks!
  2. ChitownRN17

    New Nurse tips & advice

    Learn as much as you can about the actual anatomy and structure of neurology/everything involved. I work in a neuro clinic but the only real training I got was on how to document and what questions to ask. I’ve been there for a few years and still ask questions every day because there is so much to know. It’s fascinating but definitely a lot to learn. Just soak in as much as you can about the spine and the parts of the body that each level of the spine/spinal cord controls, the brain and what happens to patients in life (normal aging stuff) versus what is new/dangerous, and everything else you can learn from your doctors and fellow nurses. Good luck!