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  1. Midnight

    A synopsis


    Clairvoyant nurse, Cala Jones maintains the daily chaos of Med Surg at Carolina Memorial with a full bladder, empty stomach, and a warped sense of humor alongside her two best friends. Newly single after eight years with her lousy, abusive, and cheating ex-boyfriend, Cala is headstrong on finding herself before finding love again. But when heart fluttering IT Specialist, Ethan Nance makes it his mission to be a part of Cala’s daily chaos, finding herself, becomes more difficult than having to work short-staffed during a full moon. 


    Ethan’s extremely high intelligence doesn’t neglect to recognize the conspicuous characteristics which make Cala blossom. Behaviors that strike Ethan as undeniably irresistible, intriguing, and inexplicable. Ethan’s inclined need to protect makes it near impossible to stay away from Cala--even more impossible once he set his mind on discovering her darkened past. His determination to unravel the many mysteries of his Flower, causes Ethan to lose focus of reassuring that his own past never surfaces.

    Midnight first 2500 wrds.pdf


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