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  1. I haven't worked as a nurse for two years & today is day 5 of my orientation at a LTC facility. I don't think I can do this. I am thinking about giving this up & going back to home care. I thought I could give this a shot but trying to deal with 40 patients is exhausting & I am not even on the floor alone yet. I don't want to jeopardize my license in this environment.
  2. LPNagain7

    (Inexperienced) LPN working (in LTC) again.

    I am new to the facility so transferring to the subacute floor isn't an option unless I "prove myself." I did my first two days of training on the subacute floors & they were intense. A lot going on but a 1:20 nurse/patient ratio is much easier to deal with. Day four of orientation is over, the CNA's do their work. I am training on a floor now where one nurse deals with 39 patients. After not working as a nurse for two years I am just baffled with figuring out how to do give out all these medications, do all these vitals, finger sticks, & treatments for dozens of patients - the facility says I have to take a lunch break too - when? I think I am in way over my head.
  3. Hello, I have been reading this forum for some time & decided to make an account & post something. I am a LPN doing orientation at a LTC / rehab facility & this is day three (3). I tried to switch careers & now two (2) years later I am back to being an LPN. The facility I am training in has a nurse/patient ratio of 1:40 unless it’s the sub acute floor(s) with a ratio of 1:20 because there’s two LPN’s for 40 patients. I have 5-6 months nursing home experience & 1 year 1/2 home care experience. I feel overwhelmed & don’t know if I’ll be able to work on the floor alone as the only nurse for 40 patients (Day Shift). The whole atmosphere is exhausting & it appears that the only way to get by is by taking short cuts. I am thinking about trying to last 6 months to refresh my resume & just go back to home care or should I try to keep going? I don’t know, I am working as an LPN again out of necessity if not desperation but I want to make it work. Any advice? Any comments? Anything would be appreciated!