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    PMHNP Exam

    Hello all, I've been reading through as many posts as possible about the exam but still have a couple of questions about content and study tools. I am in my last semester and we are using BoardVitals for our last practicum. I have been doing oodles of practice tests and I feel pretty discouraged as I'm scoring anywhere between 64 - 76%. I have improved but I attribute some of that to repeat questions so not sure how accurate that is. If I look at the percentiles I'm not in the upper parts of hardly anything so I know that plenty of others are doing better. For those of you who used BV how did you do and how do you compare it to the actual exam? Next, similarly, I am getting a good deal of statistics questions. I don't mean just understanding a few terms but calculations, is this also on the exam? If it is, I will really need to dedicate additional time just to dust off some cobwebs and relearn old tricks. I really appreciate your time and advice, thank you.