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  1. artmania1990

    How long do I need to stay at my first nursing job?

    @Jedrnurse I think my concern is working 8 hour shifts at night when I really want 12s. 3 nights a week is a lot better than 5.
  2. I am feeling what people are calling burnout. I began working back in the summer on my floor (med surg). I like it a lot, but I work 8-hour shifts nights. I told my manager when I started that I want 12's and I'm on a waiting list. Some do 12s, some do 8s... It doesn't make sense. Even if she were to finally give me 12s (I've been waiting 7 months), it would still be annoying because at 11pm I would still need to do a change of shift report for new staff coming on... It's dumb. So yes, I've got some experience so far, but it's only been 7 months. I'm picking up a lot of overtime and extra shifts (sometimes working 6 days a week) because of student loans and a lack of other things to do... What do you recommend? I'm exhausted just going to work so often. I have aspirations for the future but for right now should I just find a place with 12-hour shifts just to lighten my load? Will hospitals even hire me with so little experience?