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    Anxious, Confused, and needing help/advice

    My school pushes us to apply before we are graduated and before taking the NCLEX which I understand is due to a nursing shortage, but is this common practice all over? I have been applying to New Graduate Nurse Residency Programs and since the med center is super competitive I have not gotten any interview requests and many rejection emails already. So is a residency required or when one applies it can just be to any position? I am feeling more and more like a loser and incompetent, everyone says it is okay that we all will get jobs eventually we are going to graduate in May with a BS with a major in nursing. I am passing but I don't have honor student grades, I am a nursing student with anxiety issues, should I stop applying until I have my NCLEX then my grades won't matter as much? With each rejection email I feel more and more like a failure and think to myself what should I do? Maybe I am just confused about the whole process and overthinking everything. Help!?! Another thing about clinical I only need 10 more and I had a major issue with my preceptor, that I walked out with my clinical instructor's permission on my 3rd clinical, I have asked for a new preceptor and will find out Monday but I was given a choice if I do not get a new preceptor I can sit down with my instructor and preceptor and work things out or I drop and graduate in dec, I do not believe dropping is an acceptable option, I cannot afford to pay out of pocket(I no longer qualify for financial aid) another semester when there is no reason other than lack of placement spots. I will do the sit down if I have to but here is my question the day before she slapped my hand away so I would not pull out a foley, she constantly tells me I don't know anything, that I am slow and try to get me to not be so anxious by making fun of me, which of course does not work so its hard to not be anxious constantly when she belittles me in front of patients. I don't want to say exactly what happened the day I walked out but I left in tears that I could not stop and sat in my car for 30 minutes before leaving. trying to think if it is my fault that i am in the wrong? but there are just bad preceptors out there. The school instructor in charge of clinical placement basically told me that maybe my depression is interfering with my ability to function well in clinical. I wouldn't be so depressed and doubting myself if I wasn't getting rejection after rejection?!? I do not know what to do. HELP!