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  1. Hi fellow nurses! I would really appreciate all of your input in this. I am a nurse of a little over 2 years. I had orientation on days and hated nursing (I am not sure if I hated it because I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t work in patient care until nursing school so I had no idea about anything). On orientation I cried all the time and wanted to quit. I went to nights and that all changed. I didn’t dread going in and I gained confidence and skills. I became a charge nurse on nights after a year and I believe I am really good at being charge. Lately I have been feeling on nights that I don’t belong, the other nurses have gotten younger very clicky and I feel out of place now. All of my friend night shifters have since moved away or gotten new jobs :/. I have also been catching any and every cold possible (I am sick atleast once every 2 months). I talked to my doctor and he said it’s because I work nights. I’m so used to nights that I think I’m used to no sleep, being in a bad mood, not having motivation to get things done on my days off, etc. A days position popped up and I have 4 days to decide. Everyone on days has been supportive and telling me I will be ok and I will feel better. But on nights my schedule is pretty great, I am every 3rd weekend which will change to every other on days. I also get 8 days off every 6 weeks, which I will lose going to days I will only have a 4 day stretch now. I will also lose being able to park in the parking ramp and will now have to shuttle in on days. Days scares me because I feel I don’t know a lot that goes on and I feel a lot will be thrown at me and I will drown. I have never planned on staying on nights forever either due to wanting to start a family eventually. This decision has been eating away at me. I would love some support and advice from you all. Thanks so much!!