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    NCLEX-RN 2019 Experience - PASSED in 75Q

    After spending hours reading countless posts about the NCLEX-RN, I promised myself I would make a post of my own to hopefully help out future students preparing for NCLEX! I passed yesterday in 75 questions!! Sorry in advance for the long post. First, I used UWORLD, Hurst, Saunders, and LeCharity for studying. I HIGHLY recommend UWorld!!!! I think that every nursing student should use it, the rationales are so detailed, the questions are challenging and really helped me tackle SATA and priority questions. I don’t think I would have passed without uworld and I would highly recommend getting a package with the 2 self assessments. Also, the NCLEX was identical to UWorld. Exact same layout, colours, and fonts, which made me feel so much better during my exam. Hurst was excellent for content review, I personally was weak in my content and Hurst really simplified it. However, I didn’t find the Hurst questions THAT great and the rationales weren’t nearly as thorough as uworld. I found the questions quite hard for the most part, which was good in a sense, but I scored MUCH lower on all my tests and self assessments compared to my uworld scores. I scored below the “necessary score” on all 4 of my hurst self assessments and still passed NCLEX in 75 questions. This had me feeling extremely discouraged, so I stopped using hurst for questions and solely used uworld. BUT I truly don’t think I would have really understood my core content without Hurst!!! Hurst gave me a lot of trucks that really helped me while writing NCLEX. As for Saunders, I used it in the beginning and stopped because I found the questions far too easy. It was a great resource to refer to when I needed a deeper understanding of a weak area, but the content was kind of dry. LeCharity was great for priority questions, but I wouldn’t use it as a main study resource. My biggest piece of advice: stick to one or two resources. I found myself to be getting really overwhelmed using even 3 and found some of the content was conflicting. Do yourself a favour and find one MAIN resource (uworld!!!) and a secondary one for extra content. As for the NCLEX itself... I felt absolutely horrible after my exam. I felt defeated and hopeless. I felt like I totally bombed it and cried my entire drive home. I had a lot of SATA, priority/who would you see first, and health teaching. REMEMBER; the NCLEX isn’t supposed to be easy. You’re not supposed to walk out feeling confident. BREATHE and have faith in yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you failed - it happens to most of us and is totally normal! I did the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop up, but keep in mind this isn’t 100% accurate. I found out my results less than 24 hours later!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL