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  1. We have heard the term casual conversation being used in the sense of simple interactions with patients. I apologize for not being clear in the post. Here are some examples: "Are you cold?" "Would you like ice water?" etc. If there is a better term for this type of conversation, we would love to correct our terminology.
  2. Thank you for taking time to open this topic! Do you ever find yourself miming at patients to try to communicate with them? I am a student in an innovation class at Lehigh University. My team is trying to develop a solution to ease casual conversation between nurses and patients. Please answer this survey to better the relationship between nurse and patient. My team would greatly appreciate your input. The survey is anonymous and should take no longer than 5 minutes. What industry do you work in? * Healthcare Consumer Services Law Enforcement Hotel Management Other: How often do you interact with consumers who speak a language other than your native language? * When put in a situation where you must communicate with a consumer who speaks another language other than your native language, how do you communicate? * Through devices Translating apps Using hand gestures Reaching out to a bilingual coworker Other: Please explain your current translation methods (devices/apps used) What are some of the disadvantages you have seen with your commonly selected translation method? * Connectivity (WiFi connection is slow, etc) Accuracy of Translation Cost Convenience Battery life (if using a device) Quality Other: What features would your ideal translation device include?