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  1. redheadednurse13

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    I’m sure they’ll take that into consideration! Good luck! Hopefully I see you in September
  2. redheadednurse13

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    Everyone's going to do great! I stressed pretty hard before my test and as soon as I started it was smooth sailing from there! Good luck everyone! Hopefully I see you guys in September!
  3. redheadednurse13

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    I’m the same as you. Highschool I only took college - no university. My post secondary education doesn’t touch on any type of chemistry or biology either. You have the upper hand here with the pre health. Honestly, on the test I thought I bombed chemistry - however, I still received admissions. I wouldn’t stress too much - read over the chemistry in the link I provided. That’s how I prepared for the test.
  4. redheadednurse13

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    No! I was just given one topic and had to write about it!
  5. redheadednurse13

    RPN to BScN 2020

    Has everyone tried or got accepted to the Humber program for RPN to BScN? I'm just wondering if the RPN diploma overrides the highschool core courses needed?
  6. redheadednurse13

    Sheridan College RPN Sample Weekly Timetable??

    You don't need pre health to get into Humber for RPN or min grade point. You just have to do the test. I just got accepted to go this September 2019. I've talked to a few people who went there and they really enjoy it. They say it's a great program. you only need these listed below: Academic Admission selection is based on the following 2 requirements: 1. Academic To be eligible for admission, you must possess the following: Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or Mature student status or College or university transfer status and Results of mandatory admission testing for senior-level biology, chemistry, writing and math. Test fees will apply. For information on how to prepare for this assessment, visit the Health Related Programs Admissions Assessment (HHP 01) page.
  7. redheadednurse13

    Sheridan College RPN Sample Weekly Timetable??

    Are you worried about commuting? Have you looked into Humber?
  8. redheadednurse13

    RPN where to apply

    I would apply to majority of the schools. I applied just to Humber, took the test and within 2 day got an acceptance letter. Like you I live in Brampton as well. I'm also looking at bridging later on when I finish the RPN program. Humber also has their own testing - not too sure if it's similar to the HOAE. But I found the test fairly easy (I've also been out of highschool since 2010).
  9. redheadednurse13

    Humber RPN/PN Fall 2019

    Hi all! Just wanted to pop on here and see if anyone else has been accepted to Humbers RPN course! :) If so, are we allocated a block classes or is there a series of block classes we can select?