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  1. Terrapins18

    NYU ABSN fall 2019

    Hi all! I submitted my application for the ABSN on 2/18 and can guess that I won't be hearing back for a couple of months. I'm so anxious though and was wondering if I could get some feedback on my application? I have an undergrad GPA of 2.9 (BS in Chemistry) and have earned all B's on my pre-reqs so far except for an A in stat (still taking Nutrition, A&P2, and Microbio). I've worked in my hospital's ED as a scribe/medical assistant for >1 year and got a great letter of recommendation from one of the doctors here in the department. I also think my personal statement was pretty solid and addresses some of the personal challenges I faced during undergrad that explain my GPA. I know that the admitted students seem to be all over the place in terms of stats and some great people get turned away, but I just keep overthinking it
  2. Terrapins18

    Xavier University ABSN Fall 2019

    Glad to see there is a forum for this University! I submitted my application for the Fall 2019 cohort earlier this week (although it was completed nearly a month ago -- had to wait for my final recommendation to be submitted) and am wondering how long it took for you all to hear back? If I get accepted I will 100% be attending, but I keep overthinking it and am so anxious to hear back! Also wondering if anyone is willing to share their stats so I can get a basis for my likelihood of admission? :)