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  1. Hi All, I'm in the last semester of a two year ASN program and I feel totally defeated. All of my test scores this semester have been good (my class average is 89%) except for the ATI comprehensive which said that I have a 49% chance of passing the N-CLEX. I generally do bad on ATI tests, but this was the worst I've ever done. Furthmore, I absolutely suck at clinical. All of my classmates are flying through their days and look extremely confident while it takes me forever to do EVERYTHING and I look like a nervous wreck the entire time. I have extremely bad anxiety and I always feel that is transitioning into my work. Since I apparently am so far off from passing the N-CLEX and I'm still horrible at clinical even though I'm a senior, I feel like this might have been a mistake. I've always dreamed of being someone who is competent and confident. That is what actually drew me to nursing-I admired how smart and assertive nurses are. But I'm starting to feel like since I'm not confident and I'm bad at being assertive, maybe I'm not going to be a good nurse. I kinda feel like all my instructors hate me too. I'm 20 and I don't work because my parents support me, but I'm the only one in my class who struggles with clinical and school. I feel like they think I'm some spoiled kid who doesn't care about nursing because I'm doing bad and I'm so anxious, it doesn't look like I'm enjoying working with people. Honestly, I have 2 months left till graduation and I'm scared for my future. Will I pass the boards? And if I pass, then what? Will I even be good? I absolutely love watching and helping experienced nurses work, but when I do it (and mess up), I feel miserable. I'm kinda just venting here, but I'd appreciate any advice. -Mim