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    Well, Im just using what Davey Do published from now on.
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    Retired RN wanting to give back...

    Hey y'all! I'm looking for an opportunity to give back- no, not in a formal way- no, I'm not ready for that yet. A friend of mine told me to go into education, however I feel I've been enjoying my well-earned time off these days. I've been retired for a few years now, travelin' around and havin' my fun. I'm wondering though, if there's still something that I could do, that's a little less formal, but still meaningful. Back when my hair wasn't the silvery shining symbol of wisdom that it is now, I used to post on here regularly. I used to go here for help. But I don't know if it is what it used to be. And I'm wondering if y'all would take me seriously now anyways, given y'all don't know who I am and I'm not established on here anymore. Quite frankly I'm not sure even if you did it would matter. I figure I don't want to waste anyone's time, much less my own. Forgive me if all this sounds silly, I suppose I'm just dealing with my retirement and wantin' make good use of what time the good Lord still gives me. Thanks y'all for reading, lookin' forward to your thoughts! -Marguerite