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  1. Hey Poe20!

    I am currently wait listed for the spring 2020 CNL UMSON cohort, and I was wondering on when you heard that you got taken off the wait list? Did they email, call, or mail you your acceptance. 


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    2. poe20


      Hi! Happy New Year! No I haven’t. It’s not over though! Like I said before myself and three others I know, had to withdraw from Fall 2019 day before classes started. Praying for us both! 

    3. abbi2006


      Hey!! I hope this message finds you well!, but unfortunate I was not accepted off of the wait list for spring 2020. I did reapply for Fall 2020, and waiting to hear back for an interview. But I did apply to GWU ABSN program (15 months) summer 2020 and I got in! Most likely I will be going there. I just wanted to give you an update 🙂

    4. poe20


      Hey! Great news to hear! But yes same here I jus submitted and reapplied for Fall 2020 a couple of weeks ago. I was accepted to GW BSN program couple years ago, you’re in good hands there! We both are driven and will make great RNs! 🙂


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