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    New Grad in the NICU at Wellstar Kennestone?

    I am wondering if anyone has gotten a position in Kennestone's NICU as a new grad? or any Wellstar facility for that matter? the NICU is where my heart is and I am set on ending up there as a new grad. I work at Kennestone now as a nurse extern in a med/surg unit but I've been told they don't really allow externs or techs in the NICU so I am not sure how to get my foot in the door or get some experience in the NICU prior to graduating. I've also been told that Kennestone doesn't really take new grads in the NICU. I'd love some feedback or some advice! pretty much all of the other large hospitals in Atlanta allow new grads in the NICU so I am not sure why Kennestone may not. Thanks!! Also, anyone know any hospitals in Atlanta that take new grad nurses in the NICU with no NICU experience??