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  1. Okay so I did my NCLEX today. And I know this is my fault for not knowing exactly how the testing system works. Maybe I didn't read the tutorial in the beginning as thoroughly as I should've. So after completing 75 questions, the computer gave me 6 questions that were strictly for research. Okay cool I did those. After that, the computer asked me if I wanted to rate the exam taking experience such as: rate if the exam was easy to understand, if the process of getting signed in was easy, how long sign in was (basically a bunch of quality control questions). At this point I assumed I finished at 75 questions and this was the end. But after I was done the quality control questions there were more test questions and also a button on the bottom that said "end test". I was like "okaaay what's going on here?" I did more questions up to 90. And for some STUPID reason I clicked on the end test button when I could have kept going and that was that. I thought I was done right. Later I go home and do some research on NCLEX pass/fail faqs, and realize that everyone who took the exam had the computer shut off when they answered enough questions. That definitely did not happen to me. I don't know if it says in the beginning of the exam that there's an option to end anytime you want after 75 questions. But I am pretty sure I failed now, considering the questions were pretty easy. I am actually on the verge of a panic attack/bawling my eyes out. Please help me get through the fact that failing isn't the end of the world because that's what it feels like right now. I'm also wondering why there's even an option to choose to end your exam rather than them making you continue. Can anyone clarify for me? edit: I checked NCSBN website. And they state that the questionnaire comes at the end of the exam (in the picture). I am very confused