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  1. Megajess

    I am disappointed with the healthcare here..

    Unfortunately, modern medicine is not about patients, it's all about business, same as Planned parenthood is not about planning parenthood, but about business where abortions are their top priority - and main source of income. There are quality doctors here and there who do not extort money but heal, these doctors are being disposed of this way or another. That's sad that you realized this only after you got the education. It is best to stay away from medicine and doctors altogether. Those trusting doctors are ruins by age 40. I work in the field so I know.
  2. Megajess

    Where Do Nurses Look for Jobs

    Hello all, we are a new Home Health Agency in Denver metro area. We are struggling to find registered nurses to provide skilled care and case managers. Can you please share what are the best sites to advertise for registered nurses. We have our job postings on Indeed - we barely getting any looks or clicks. Even if people apply - they never respond to follow up messages and / or We also tried craigslist, careerbuilder and ziprecruiter with no luck at all. Thank you so much in advance