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  1. Lightbulb7Seven

    Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    Hey guys, checking in because it's been a while. Don't lose heart guys! Like Nijah always says, what is meant to be will be! All your hard work cannot be ignored or fruitless, it will lead you to where you're supposed to be. Here's a song for all the prospective hopefuls, you're not alone! And this one is to the Lonestar decision makers from me personally:
  2. Lightbulb7Seven

    Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    Definitely a regular in-person class, preferably with only one other class at the same time, maximum. Microbiology is on par with A&P I & II, in my opinion (and my classmates last semester). It is a wonderful, fast-paced class that is full of information that will help prepare you for nursing school and tie together so many things you have already learned, but definitely deserves and demands your full attention and absorption. I was blessed to have one of the best Lone Star professors for micro. at the North Harris campus, Carol Crowder. She was an absolute delight and made the class as smooth as possible, but it was no walk in the park. At the beginning of the semester, I was working part-time as a writing consultant in the Center for reading and writing on the North Harris campus, but within 8 weeks- that became completely unmanageable and I had to resign my position or risk not performing to the standards I set for myself. I was able to finish out the class with an A, but that was due to near constant studying. I was only taking one class concurrently with micro, and it stretched me thin and gave me a good idea of the rigor up ahead in the nursing program. If you're anything like me, you will want to take a full, in-person class. Good luck, everyone!
  3. Lightbulb7Seven

    Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    ADN: Kmartin806 7.856 M, T, NH abmarie 7.776 M, T, CF Missylmn 7.728 CF accionursingbook 7.696 M, T, CF Lightbulb7Seven 7.696 M, NH, CF, T Twynne1 7.664 M, NH AveryB 7.664 M, T nurseprince2b 7.664 M,KW (880 critical thinking) Cm0524 7.648 M, CF, NH Nancyface23 7.6 CF, T Karina1099 7.568 CF, M, NH, T cimmiRN 7.54 CF, T Nijah.Lain02 7.52 M, T, NH Shriabu 7.504 T, CF, NH Charlie336 7.504 Luchies88 7.5 Cf, T, NH, M KarenBounds 7.48 NH, CF, T Clundquist17 7.472 M, T, NH Joannale3 7.376 CF, M, NH, T Colemanjb05 7.36 NH, T, CF Gemiknight75 7.22 CF, NH, T Transition: CaseyT 7.71 NH, KW Imaneedmycoffeefirst89 7.08 NH, M, T Past Fall Semester: "a score of 7.15 (the highest alternate score) accepted into Tomball. Lowest score accepted as an alternate at 6.97."
  4. Lightbulb7Seven

    Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    Greetings, fellow hopefuls! I am so glad I found this forum while searching Google for Lonestar ADN 2019 information. I applied for the ADN Basic Track for 2019. I would love to be added to the hopeful list, if possible. My first choice was Montgomery, then North Harris, then Cyfair, and finally Tomball. This is my first time applying for any nursing program. My score sheet says my score is 7.696. I am excited to begin this journey and to see what the Lord has in store for us. I look forward to getting to know you guys and wish yall the best of success!