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  1. Nurse_Nell

    Advice on drama, bullying and negativity

    All I can say is you are above that, do not stoop to that level. Not stooping to that level (in this case) means do not take her immaturity personally, do not let it emotionally affect you much more than it has, and do not get involved in her drama. You are in nursing school to become a nurse, and it will be over after school. Stay focused on what you came here for and think of it as practice for when you encounter bullies in the field. Keep your distance and find some humor in it, too. Brush her off but be respectful. Set your boundaries (this is pretty woo-woo but sometimes I like to think I'm setting "energetic" boundaries with toxic people...imagining blue light surrounding and protecting me from *** energies...it feels good to do this at least, and it helps me feel better). I dealt with a girl at a previous school I attended who was so negative and horrible, so I just kept my distance and didn't engage her at all.
  2. Nurse_Nell

    What advice to give your fellow LVN students??

    I made a youtube video about this!! Check out Nurse_Nell on yotube. My recommendations are get plenty of sleep whenever you can, try to find balance with other aspects of your life but don't be hard on yourself about this...nursing school will be the priority and that's just the way it goes, pet animals to relax (lol), EXERCISE when possible (you'll feel SO much better and sleep better), connect with your teachers early on, connect with classmates (!!!) because you are in this together and you're now a family, practice meditation (my video goes into details about my favorite meditation! SO helpful and combated panic attacks for me), get support from family and friends and stay connected to family and friends when you can, skim slides/chapters before class (obvious but tends to slip as time goes on)… GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, I believe in you!!!
  3. It is definitely better to minimize how much you work, but it's a bad sign you say things turn violent between you and those you live with. If you stay, I'd recommend you find a designated place to study outside of the house. Others have said the library, and I agree with that, but make sure you feel comfortable in the library you choose. Try to minimize the time you spend at home if the environment is that harsh. Stand your ground and make nursing school THE priority. Set harsh boundaries if you need to. I started a youtube channel with a video about how I got through nursing school in the midst of panic attacks/a lot of personal stress. Check it out, I think it will be helpful for you: youtube--> Nurse_Nell If you do move out, which would honestly save you a lot of stress in one way, but heighten stress in another (money), you may have to deal with a roommate so make sure you find someone quiet/who has a schedule that differs from yours a bit. I may recommend moving before starting school, just to start with more peace of mind. Good luck!