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  1. What are peoples on call like for their ER??? I would just like to know if mine is bad or am I just being a big baby?? haha! We take one weekend and one week day call in a 6 week period. But for us it is basically "mandatory overtime." Our ER uses it to for staffing basically. AND even if we aren't busy they still keep us there! I had to beg to go home with 1.5 hrs left in the shift and nobody had come in for like an hour and I only had maybe 2 pts. I'm sorry but I don't think thats fair! What do other people think? I totally don't mind coming in to help out. But there are times where I come in and its not that busy! Or when it slows down, SEND THE ON CALL HOME!!! I have talked to some staff who have worked other ERs around this area and they say it is the same there. But I would like to know why??
  2. WiseAtHart

    Help! New grad ER nurse, leaving before year mark?

    I TOTALLY feel you! I am about 6 months into ER nursing. I was a progressive care nurse before that. I don't like it the environment in my ER either. I have 4:1 ratio as well, which is a little crazy. I can handle it but man I work my butt off the ENTIRE shift. I NEVER get a 30 minute lunch break. I just eat at my desk if I have time. One of the big problems is our techs - a few are AMAZING but half the time the ones I work with are just sitting on their rear ends. I like to work hard and get things done but they just complain about having to do anything - if I am working hard then my tech should be too...I'm too nice to say anything tho haha! I am close with one of the techs and she told me that one of the techs I worked with the other day complained about me to her because I actually ask her to help with things - WOW!!!! We are supposed to have a tech with every nurse but that never happens. Almost every nurse I work with complains about working where I work which makes it even harder to work there. Not to mention the on call!!!!! I totally get needing an on call person but my ER uses it for staffing basically which I don't think is fair (I'm actutally gonna post about it after this haha). But I talk to nurses at other places and it sounds like the same ordeal. I really do love ER nursing but I just wish it could be staffed well enough! I just don't understand why my department doesn't try to hire more people?? They don't even say they are trying to hire! SORRY thats my rant ...I am with the others, I would stay within your hospital. I am moving to another state soon due to my husband being military so luckily I don't actually have to quit. On the other hand tho you can probably get a job anywhere just because there is such a nursing shortage! Inpatient is having the same pt for the entire 12 hrs which really is not bad. I like when I get holds down in the ER sometimes. Depending on acuity of the floor you would decide you have to chart a full head to toe assessment multiple times during the shift, doing intake and output, giving meds many times throughout the shift, having to page the doctor for everything and waiting for them to call back. But it is nice getting to develop a relationship with the patient. Let me know if you have any more questions, I can help as best I can!
  3. Hello everyone! I need some advice! I will have been an RN for two years in June this year. I did one year on an oncology post-surgical progressive care unit and now am an ER nurse working nights with both. I am moving in July and think I'm gonna try another avenue of nursing! I really do like the ER but I would like to switch to a new job that I can work days and have a little less stress and I'm not running around with my head cut off haha. I can handle the stress but doesn't mean I necessarily want it! At my current job I rarely even get a lunch break. So I'm thinking that if I can have a lower pt:nurse ratio that could help? AND I really want to LOVE my job - still trying to find my passion I like the surgery aspect and not having to deal with pts for an extended period of time. So all you PACU, Cath Lab, OR, GI Lab nurses. What do you like/dislike about your jobs? Whats the workflow like? How much on call do you take? What should I look out for/what questions should I ask before taking a job? Or does anyone have a different idea for a job??? Thanks!!
  4. WiseAtHart

    Medsurg to ED

    I went from progressive care to ER - my ER doesn't have a trauma level but we are a comprehensive stroke center and fully accredited chest pain center. I was hired with only one year previous RN experience (no ER experience). Worked out for me! You have an amazing amount of knowledge packed in your brain - 12 years is a lot of experience! I'm sure you will easily get hired in an ER! I always have many questions but as long as you have a good team it is totally fine! You will learn a ton but it can be hard because any ER is CRAZY BUSY!! Usually it is 4 its at a time and each one has all these orders to be done. At times it can be hard to get help because everyone else is swamped. I am go go go for literally the entire 12 hrs so be prepared for that. I also rarely get lunch breaks. Maybe that is just our ER? I'm not sure. A lot of ERs, as I'm coming to find out more, are short staffed. It is an AWESOME learning experience but if possible maybe try to talk to people that work in the ER you apply to! Hope this helps