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  1. Hi. I noticed that you took your NCLEX at Culver City. How was that experience for you taking it at that office. I’m debating where to take it. 

    1. la.enfermera

      la.enfermera, ADN, RN

      I live nearby so it was convenient. The staff was friendly, but also strict about the rules. Not everyone was taking NCLEX; some people were there to take the GRE. 

      I parked on the street because I didn't want to pay the fee ($16 I think) to park in their building. It was near a mall so I bought myself some ice cream after the NCLEX-- that was probably the highlight of the entire day.

      Traffic can be very bad going in or out of Culver City.. something to think about if you don't live nearby. Other than that, it's just a standard test taking place. 


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