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  1. I need some advice. I’m very interested in Nursing but I’m terrified that someone will die on my watch. Is that a fear every nurse has? 

    1. TriciaJ

      TriciaJ, RN

      Well, yes, that's why we're there.  To hopefully keep people from dying.  But sometimes they die anyway.  Sometimes we expect it and keep the person as comfortable as possible.  Sometimes we don't expect it and work really hard at bringing them back.  Nursing involves every stage of life, from birth to death.

      What's the part that worries you the most?  Are you squeamish at the thought of a dead body?  Are you worried that it might somehow be your fault or you'll be blamed even if it isn't?  

      We all have fears and worries as nurses.  It's a stressful occupation.  But it also provides a lot of personal satisfaction.  We all have situations that we're squeamish about.  Sometimes we get over those things, and sometimes we seek jobs where we don't have to deal with them.

      For example, if you get a job in a clinic you have a low chance of someone dying on your watch.  Or you may find yourself working in hospice and loving it.  Best wishes whatever you decide to do.

    2. Kay2023


      I’m not squeamish. I’m just nervous that a doctor will make a mistake and I not pick up on it. I’m worried about my pace.