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  1. Medical Futility

    It seemed cruel to me. A compression machine was used. It looked off center. I can only assume most of his ribs were broken by it. I feel pretty hardened these days, but have not been in a ton of codes. Many of the other nurses were much mo...
  2. Medical Futility

    When do you accept that it is futile to code or prolong a code? I had a patient maxed on 5 pressors. He was saturating in the 70s on 100% vent settings and gradually dropping lower. He ended up being coded twice. It was a combined time of over an hou...
  3. Hitting a wall

    I had a patient on 100% heated high flow that became confused, then repeatedly had intermittent periods of desaturation. The blood gas showed hypoxemia. The patient was proned then several hours a repeat blood gas showed some improvement so the patie...
  4. How To Quit Well

    Hi There, I am looking for advice on how to leave a position as smoothly as possible. I transferred to an icu position 4 months ago. I had a shortened orientation period of three weeks compared to the three months for new grads because I have previou...