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  1. That is so true. Maybe do your staffing by acuity and not simply numbers. And far as school goes, they are just breeding that mentality.
  2. It's a private for profit school. I'd be totally fine reusing supplies just to get a change to try. We got that kit with some of those supplies but never got a chance to use it except for the foley catheter one. And thank you for saying the schedule...
  3. No, that is not a thing. We had a meeting with the program coordination and the dean and they were all like, "oh really, we were unaware. You guys need to speak up." So yes, we are pissed off. And yes we are speaking up now. Hopefully, things get bet...
  4. I'm currently a third of the way done with an accelerated BSN and I'm very disappointed with how disorganized the program is. Mind you, this is a respected university rumored to be one of the best in the state, but geez are they lost. We never ...
  5. Tips for new SICU CNA

    Hi, I know this was a couple of weeks ago but I hope it can still be helpful. I've been a monitor tech/CNA/unit clerk at a cardiac ICU for almost two years now. The hardest part for me was learning what the supplies were. I was always ask...
  6. LPN, Phlebotomy, EKG tech???

    Hi, In case you are still looking for options. Here is my 2 cents. I started as a CNA, in California making $10/h. After a year, I applied for a position with Davita where I was trained and received a CCHT (Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Tech) and s...
  7. Cuesta College Nursing Program

    I took it with Machado. He is really good but grades really hard.
  8. Cuesta College Nursing Program

    Idk. Maybe if u get a really high score on the TEAS you might make it.
  9. Got rejected from an RN program. Help?

    I know the feeling. Where I live there is only one nursing school in a 100mi. radius. They have a point base system and even though I scored in the range that made it in the past three years, I didn't make it. Not even close. What frustrates me is th...