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  1. I am a recent BC RN graduate and passed NCLEX-RN and would like to know job prospects in Alberta. How hard is it to find a job as an RN in Alberta and how would I go about applying? Would I need to move there and get my Alberta RN license then apply? Rather than apply while in BC?

    1. Parrhesia

      Parrhesia, BSN, RN

      Hi, I'm in a similar boat. I've been practicing as a RN in BC for a year and hoping to relocate to Alberta in July. I have submitted my initial registration even though I'm still in BC. The process takes a couple weeks, since you would need to gather a couple documents. You can start by creating a myCARNA account. 

      Follow the steps here:

    2. Jose9

      Jose9, BSN

      I'm also hoping to relocate to Alberta, specifically Calgary in the summer. I've been reading in the forum and noticed it's quite difficult to land a job in Alberta Health Services. In BC, there are multiple companies (FraserHealth, Coastal, Providence, PHSA) which allows more opportunities to apply. But in Alberta, there is just 1 main company. I just started the initial registration process as well. Hopefully we all can find jobs.


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