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  1. Almostanurse19

    Background check and NCLEX

    Anyone ever gotten into a little bit of trouble legally when they were a teen and now became a RN? When I was 16 I got arrested for 2 fights one I was charged with a misdemeanor disorderly conduct the other fight was a misdemeanor battery. My clinical instructor told us that when we apply to take the nclex since it is an FBI background check we have to disclose that we got arrested even as a minor or your application will get flagged and it will look like you were lying. Does anyone have any experience with getting into trouble in their younger years and having issues with getting their RN license? Any and all advice or stories are appreciated. I'm just very concerned I won't be able to become a nurse after all the years of hard work for something dumb I did over 10 Years ago as a minor.
  2. Almostanurse19

    How to properly dilute morphine?

    if it was an order for your patient what would be your step by step process for drawing up 4mg/4ml?
  3. Almostanurse19

    How to properly dilute morphine?

    Hi everyone! Nursing student here and the other day in clinical I was giving a patient 4 mg IVP morphine for pain. Well I know I was supposed to dilute it and I know im supposed to give it over 5 minutes. What I didn't understand was the dilution. My instructor had me grab a 5ml syringe and fill it with 4 mls of saline then I took the 4ml bottle of morphine which was 4ml/4mg and fill the syringe until it got to 5 and then that was it? So was the patient not getting the full dose or was it able to mix in with all the saline? I just thought I would need a 10 ml syringe the math doesn't make sense to me.