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  1. PedsNurse2019

    Johns Hopkins All Childrens RN Residency August 2019

    Hi fellow soon to be nurses! I also got invited to the interview event, can't wait to meet you all! What are the top units you all are interested in? I am very interested in all acute care units.
  2. PedsNurse2019

    Seattle Children's Nurse Residency 2019

    Did anyone else get an email saying they were waitlisted for an interview?
  3. Thank you so much it’s actually in the NICU at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland! Congratulations to you too, that’s awesome!
  4. I was also offered a position at a different hospital
  5. @cheer26 have you heard back yet?
  6. @cheer26 Did you hear back yet? I’m anxiously awaiting for a potential phone call based on the timeline
  7. PedsNurse2019

    Seattle Children's Nurse Residency 2019

    I totally get that with flights, I’m from ohio but I worked in Seattle two summers ago and absolutely fell in love with it and I would love to work here. I’m really excited for the opportunity to work here though and I hope we both get interviews!
  8. Will do! They told me I’d hear back within a month on April 2nd, I tried to call yesterday but it rolled to voicemail sadly.
  9. It sure did, thank you for asking! Lots of behavioral questions and scenarios for sure but totally manageable, at the time they didn’t know how many spots they had. It took me a few hours after I talked with Katie on the phone (the nurse education coordinator on the unit) to get a confirmation.
  10. They told me within the month and they had to complete other interviews first, longest month of my life after interviewing on the 2nd
  11. PedsNurse2019

    UCSF Medical Center New Grad Residency 2019

    Can you only apply for one Residency posting?
  12. PedsNurse2019

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Summer 2019

    I had a friend who heard back from the PICU yesterday!
  13. That’s cool, it seems like it takes them awhile to get back to people sadly. I also got the same email and had the same thing happen.
  14. I got the “no longer under consideration” I just had an in person interview for neuro. I have two that are “evaluation in progress” but no interview yet from the ED and general medicine. What about you, have you heard back from them and have you applied to any other units?
  15. PedsNurse2019

    Seattle Children's Nurse Residency 2019

    I am also applying, I’m from Pittsburgh though and sadly can’t come to the open house in Seattle