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  1. You can check this website for more detailed info about health clearance of healthcare workers with infectious diseases. Hope it will help.
  2. You'll have an additional test for hep b which is the viral load and you'll be referred to infectious doctor. They will check if your viral load is low and safe to practise as a nurse.
  3. Hi bbbsss, yes it is required to have Hepatitis B screening here in the UK. But you can still work as a nurse here even if you are hepatitis b positive.
  4. Yes I did. I'm currently working as nurse here in the UK. Immigration has nothing to do with your illness.
  5. Hi! I have another question please. 

    Do you know any agencies here in PH that does accept hepa b positive nurse who wants to work in UK? Or did you apply directly to UK hospitals? Thank you so much ?

    1. Asdfg1234


      All agencies shouldn't be a problem. I applied via agency before. I also had the same dilemma with you to be honest. I didn't tell my agent at first before because I was afraid to be rejected. I even contacted the UKAP here in UK to be sure that they accept nurses like us. They advised me to contact the occupational health of my future hospital to discuss about their policy for nurses with blood-borne diseases which I didn’t do. What I did is I just informed my agent and they told me that my case shouldn’t be a problem.

    2. babyangel123


      Thank you so much! Godbless! 

  6. Yes you can.. As long as your hbv dna is below 10^3 genome equivalent/ml and you're not doing EPP or exposure prone procedures.
  7. Hi qwerty, I also have the same dilemma with you. I just want to ask if you pursue your plan going to the UK. How was it going? Do you know if they accept applicants with Chronic Hepatitis b?