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  1. did u ever end up getting in anywhere? my GPA is similar
  2. Kcometh

    Linfield Waitlist Spring 2019

    Yes can people please share their GPA's Thanks! Applying for summer and/or fall 2020.
  3. Kcometh


    K so I'm in Micro on Portage right now! so far so good. It's easy and not overbearing. Hoping to finish in a week!
  4. Kcometh

    What is Nursing really like?

    thanks for responding. I just wanted to hear the worst of it while I'm taking prerequisites so I know what I'm getting into. What was the reason why you left the bedside?
  5. Kcometh

    Online Prerequisite Suggestions?

    PortageLearning.com it's regionally accredited and it's through Geneva College in Pennsylvania
  6. Kcometh

    What is Nursing really like?

    So I know this is a broad question, but seriously, what is nursing really like? Looking past all the girls posting cute pics in their promoted scrubs on Instagram, what is nursing really like? like day to day, are you constantly cleaning up poop? bathing patients? inserting catheters? lifting your patients and almost breaking your back in the process? People always talk about the bad side of nursing in a very general way, but I want to hear the absolute worst of it. Like why do so nurses say they cry in the parking lot before their shift? is it really that bad? and if so, tell me the REAL reason why.. thanks in advanced
  7. Kcometh

    Clark College fall 2019

    gotcha...I do have a couple B's tho. We'll see! Ihad a friend get in 2018 with a C in statistics. so idk. SHe had good health care hours tho. So I'm assuming she got the 5 extra points
  8. Kcometh

    Clark College fall 2019

    what were your grades in all your classes? I'm hoping to apply to Clark in April 2020
  9. Kcometh


    Portage Learning (online nursing prerequisites via Geneva College which is regionally accredited) is offering Biochemistry in November. It does not however, have a lab component unfortunately. Just a heads up for anyone who needs Biochemistry.
  10. Kcometh


    Oh man. Yeah babies and school are challenging. Good luck to you too!
  11. Kcometh


    Thank you for the feedback! I'm hoping to finish AP1 by the end of September so I think I'll have plenty of time to absorb all the information. Ugh I just want to get into the nursing program already! lol.
  12. Kcometh


    Are the lab exams timed? How long did it take to complete the course? (estimated) I've just purchased it so I'm about to start today. Did you complete a module exam/lab exam everyday? Nutrition was easy. 6 modules and a final exam, I completed in 3 1/2 weeks. I ended up with an 87% which pisses me off lol because I was so close but got a 75% on one exam because I was tired taking the exam and made silly errors. Alas, a B is a B. You'll def get an A and its a quick course, also pretty interesting. I'm excited to start A&P1 and just get it over with hopefully before the end of September. I only have A&P2, Micro, and Chem, (possibly Stats to apply to other programs) to go and I can finally apply to nursing programs in Feb 2020. Portage Learning has been a dream come true. Please keep checking in on this thread so we can keep it going and others can see as well.
  13. Kcometh

    Anatomy and Physiology

    I say take A&P 2 and do really good in it. Then go back and retake 1. This is only if your C was from laziness, and not actually not understanding the material
  14. Kcometh


    Hi, I wanted to create an updated thread for PORTAGE LEARNING as most are somewhat old, or sparse-ish. Here can you please answer: What classes you took? How easy or hard were the courses? Are you currently taking courses? Are the exams proctored/webcam proctored/ or just web page locked by the software they use? I' am currently in their Nutrition course and plan on taking the rest of my pre reqs there as the program I want to go to accepts them (they are regionally accredited). PLEASE SHARE =]
  15. Kcometh

    Mount Sinai ABSN Fall 2019

    Did they require webcam and proctoring when taking the exams?
  16. What are the pre reqs that you need to take? Did you not take what you needed during LVN/LPN school? What more do they need?

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