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  1. movenurse

    Feel Like I'm Drowning

    I am so sorry to hear about everything you are going through. I can relate to the feelings towards nursing that you have right now. I've been a RN BSN for 8 years and feel like I've tried it all. I, too, got to the point where I thought of quitting nursing because nothing seemed to bring me joy anymore. I even bought a book about changing careers! I remember vividly being at work one night feeling like I was going to explode. It was a quiet night and all my patients were "easy" so I had some time to think. As I sat in my chair, I reflected on my courses and practicums from nursing school. A light bulb went off when I realized I had the most fun in my community health courses. After that, I looked up positions in that field and came across a position in corrections and I truly enjoy it. Maybe try doing something like that. Try to remember why you got into nursing in the first place. I also highly recommend going to counseling as Nurse Beth suggested. It really does make a difference. I wish you and your husband the best.
  2. movenurse

    Chamberlain FNP Summer 2019

    I was nervous too after reading mixed reviews. Also, the program was still a little new-ish when I started so that made me nervous as well. But so far, so good! And actually, my soon-to-be supervisor at my new job just graduated from Chamberlain recently and didn't have anything bad to say about them either. Good luck to you as well!
  3. movenurse

    Is My Resume Too Long for a New FNP?

    Thank you both so much for your help and guidance!
  4. movenurse

    Chamberlain FNP Summer 2019

    Hi Hope124, I started the program last summer and haven't had any issues so far. The people at student services have been helpful when I call and I get quick e-mail responses when I e-mail them. The work is pretty steady but not overwhelming. I like how they gradually increase the "difficulty" in the classes as you move forward in the program. The classes aren't really difficult per se, but as you move forward some of the assignments become a bit more demanding and labor intensive. Also, I haven't bought a textbook yet and have been doing great ;)