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  1. fit__nurse

    FNP Experience

    For those of you who are area already a FNP or are in school currently, what is your RN background? Specialty, years of experience, etc. Just curious! I am planning on attending next Fall and am just curious as to what others did before
  2. fit__nurse

    Switching specialties?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some input! I have recently accepted a RN position on a Hem/Onc floor. I hope to do some PICU/NICU in my career as well. As a Hem/Onc nurse, do I have room for growth and transition into other specialities? Would you say that many skills are transferable? I have a desire to do so many different things and am worried that it will make it difficult for me to move to another specialty if I choose to eventually. Also, for those that have worked the Hem/Onc setting, could you describe your experience a bit? I have never done this setting and would love to hear more about what it is like! Thank you!