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  1. ucin321

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG

    I know it's hard, but stop doing the PVT trick. It's not the official results so you still have a chance of passing. I know what you're going through at this very moment because I took my test today too, but I refuse to do the PVT trick because I don't trust it.
  2. ucin321

    Trouble finding ER job in the Bay Area

    The travel opportunity might be a way to get your foot in the door. I've talked to many people who said they were offered a job at the hospital they were traveling to 95% of the time. If you can take a travel job in the area, get offered a job there after (since they know how you work they will want to keep you on FT), and then move, that might be your best chance. Getting a job in SF (and Cali in general) is so hard. Best of luck to you.
  3. ucin321

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG

    Completely agree. This is why when I take my test on July 10th, I don't plan on doing the PVT trick. Our BON came to our nursing school and straight up told us that its not accurate. I think I can wait two days for my results (but really one day because everyone that has taken it so far in my class states that they got their results back the next day from the BON).
  4. ucin321

    Compact Licensure

    I know that Louisiana is becoming a compact state starting July 1st. I take the NCLEX on July 10th, so does that mean my license will automatically be a compact license, or no since I applied for a license in February?
  5. ucin321

    Children's Hospital of New Orleans -- NEW GRAD

    Hi, I was hired in the same hospital in the same unit. Looking forward to meeting you!
  6. ucin321

    NICU Brain Sheet

    This file doesn't work for me. The Excel sheet is empty when I open it. Can someone help me?