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  1. NYU Fall 2020 RN Graduates Residency Program

    Nothing over here?
  2. NYU Fall 2020 RN Graduates Residency Program

    You never know, don't give up hope! Maybe try contacting a recruiter? I have seen people on the Spring 2020 posting recommend that.
  3. NYU Fall 2020 RN Graduates Residency Program

    Yesss an assessment that was 100+ questions
  4. NYU Fall 2020 RN Graduates Residency Program

    I actually applied last week... I was not sure if it was too late but I figured I'd go for it and apply anyway.
  5. NYU Fall 2020 RN Graduates Residency Program

    Hi everyone, I also applied for this program and noticed the status of my application changed to "under review" today
  6. I applied in the middle of November, but I ended up calling HR and was told that although they are still reviewing names they most likely will not have a need for external applicants ?
  7. Hello! I am a new graduate and have been wondering if anyone has applied to Atlantic Health's Residency Program for December 2020 graduates and heard back?
  8. Pace ABSN FALL 2019

    I also got a call back, but will be attending another program! Best of luck to you!
  9. NYU ABSN fall 2019

    Still waiting to hear back?... Congrats to those who have been accepted! How much is the deposit?
  10. Drexel ACE Fall 2019

    Hi, is there a FB page for admitted students?
  11. NJCU Accelerated Nursing 2019

    Congrats to those accepted. Did any one get waitlisted? I was waitlisted and don’t think I saw anyone else state that on the forum yet.
  12. NJCU Accelerated Nursing 2019

    Hoping we hear back soon. I was able to get an extension on submitting a deposit until May 14th.
  13. NJCU Accelerated Nursing 2019

    I also got waitlisted at Pace! But did not know we had to wait until August...
  14. NJCU Accelerated Nursing 2019

    I see some people have brought up Chamberlain... prior to today, I have never heard of their nursing program. If someone doesn't mind, can someone explain why they don't have such a good reputation? Trying to keep my options open as decisions (hopefu...
  15. NYU ABSN fall 2019

    My checklist is up as well... the wait continues lol

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