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    New nurse transfer?

    I am a new grad nurse who has been working on a (very busy and very short staffed) trauma/med-surg/step-down unit for 6 months. From the time I’ve spent on the unit I’ve learned a lot and am doing well, but am finding that working as a nurse at the bedside just is not a good fit and is not something that I’m interested in doing long term. The organization I work under has a position for an outpatient immediate care nurse position I am very interested in and would like to apply for, but don’t really know how to go about expressing my interest in the position. Is it something I discuss with HR? Is it something I speak with my own manager about? Should I talk to HR before submitting an application? Also, does it look bad on me as an employee that I am looking for a new position within the organization after only 6 months? My nurse friends tell me I should stay where I’m at and ‘pay my dues’ for another 6 months before moving on. But I honestly can’t picture myself there for another month, let alone another 6.