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  1. Hi! I just got accepted into the program recently!!  I was wondering if you could please help me on a few things. Just trying to get everything in time before start date, do you happen to know if we are able to only create an account myuSF after we submitted the deposit? 

    Also, are all immunizations/background check due by May 1? How did you also get your drug check? 

    Please let me know! 

    1. RN2FNP_Someday


      Hi. The drug test is on castle branch as is all the immunizations and titer results that you have to input. The myusf should be available maybe 1-2 days after you accept and pay; however, I had problems with mine and it took a few days for it to finally work. I paid immediately so idk if you can do the myusf without paying first. I remember contacting them and getting a run around, but calling them would be the best bet because if you have difficulties there might be some sort of glitch.


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