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  1. Hi! Hope all is well, I am currently about to finish the first semester of the LPN-to-RN Program at Mercy and was wondering what I should study for the finals? They don’t give study guides and I don’t want to spend too much time on the wrong subjects

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    2. elzabeellie


      I am happy to hear that you learned a lot in the LPN program.  I have the impression that they are quite supportive.

      So it does sound busy... Had you already taken the sciences courses? (A&P I+II, Micro)   Is it still such a fulll schedule if one has already taken those science courses? 

      I will definately need to work in oder to pay my living expenses!

      When you say "financial aid"- what exactly do you mean?  Does the Hospital offer any kind of internal loans for their nursing students ? 


      7 AM to 3 PM   4 & 5 days a week... that IS A LOT!   That is FT!

      Is that the schedule for the LPN? 


      Huge thanks for your super thoughtful feedback!

      I super appreciate the solidarity ?  


      Did you pay $800 per month for the LPN program for 12 months (about $10,000 for the year), including the science courses at Miami-Dade? 



    3. N_2020


      Staff is alright, they are more about the money than supporting the students, but you just need to have the mentality that you are there to do your schoolwork and get your degree. During Clinicals the nurses hate having students, they just want you do do their dirty work (bathing patients and wiping their butt) they don’t really want to “teach”. I took the science courses during the program through a school they recommended online called Portage Learning, however, for the LPN TO RN Program at Galen they don’t accept those classes, so you might want to find a different place (unless you find somewhere else to do the LPN to RN). 

      Financial aid is through the government, you have to apply through FASFA, you can call the school to see if they’ll help you apply. The school or hospital doesn’t offer any type of loan. 

      It is full time so you have to make sure that you can handle a job, 7-3 is for the LPN program; that why I say its alot of time! 

      Monthly for the LPN Program I believe it was $600something, I don’t really remember, but it was around that. Tuition does not include the courses at Miami-Dade, that is separate  

    4. elzabeellie


      ay-yay-yay!   OK for the LPN that is FT... and then you have to study no?  I understand that that is not 5 days a week, right? It is only 3 days week in the beginning?   One might be able to work a bit the first 2 trimesters, no?   

      I am not eligible for any fed-help.  I already have a BS and an MS....  and I am not in a position to take out formal loans.  I have the tuition money, but not the living expenses, so I would need to squeeze by ...living on air... to do it..      I am hoping to find a simple job at the hospital... Is that something other students are doing?    

      Totally devasting, if that is true about the Bridge LPN->RN.   It looks like one could work during this year, no? The nursing courses are not so intense, no? First Trimester = Pharmacology, Second Trimester=Maternal/Peds/Mental.  Were you able to work during the LPN->RN year.... at least during the first and 2nd trimesters?  

  2. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    Thank you! Yes it's going to be your turn soon. PSYCH, if you need some help with that class let me know because that class is something else. Good luck. You can do it!!
  3. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    Hello Guys, just wanted to give yall an update. I graduated from Mercy LPN to RN program this past Monday. It feels so great to be finally done and move on to the next step in my life. I know based on what I've been told is that there is some changes...
  4. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    Sorry to hear but please keep you head high cause you never know what may happen. Good luck! I am currently in 3rd semester so if you get accepted feel free to reach out to me. Wishing you all the best.
  5. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    CONGRATS! I wish you nothing but the best a Mercy it is a great school and hopefully you can get the full (physical) experience of being there (if Covid slows down). I am currently in 3rd semester and graduating on the 31st of this month. Let me know...
  6. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    There are a few schools that students in the past have suggested such as St. Thomas University in Miami its $6,000, UTA online which is about $8,000, WGU (prices vary), FIU, FAU, and UCF. I do know that Mercy is having a RN-BSN program but it isn't a...
  7. Hi, I recently applied to the lpn-to-RN program starting in August, I was wondering if you’ve heard of any changes to the program or if they are even starting in august. I tried to contact the school but the information is very limited

    1. jnurse98


      Hi, hope all is well. 

      I have heard that they have changed the structure (1st semester) of the classes like when it was in person we had classes that overlapped each other but they split the classes so your taking one class at a time. They are very limited with information which can be frustrating. When I was applying for the august class last year I didn't get an email that I was admitted until Late July (I think July 22). Which is really late but I just rolled with it. As far as if they are starting in August I heard that they are still admitting students and will continue to. Hope that helps and let me know if I can help you with any other information. Good luck!

    2. N_2020


      Thank you so much for your quick response, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I’ll get an email soon with more information, its very frustrating being in limbo. Atleast you are almost done, what a relief, I wish you the best of luck!

  8. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    Hey all hope all is well and you all are staying safe during this time. I just wanted to give an update for 3rd semester of the LPN-RN program at Mercy. I am halfway through and have 61 days left until graduation. (EXCITED!) Due to the 'rona everythi...
  9. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    UPDATE ON SECOND SEMESTER For Maternal/Newborn the class was great and the instructor is AMAZING such a kind and sweet instructor who wants the best for her students. She provides a review for her exams and for lecture it was interactive being that t...
  10. Hi, did you do your LPN program at Mercy Hospital?  I am trying to find more information about their LPN track.

    I would like to do the LpN year and then the RN year after.


    Many thanks!


    1. jnurse98


      No I didn't do my LPN at Mercy. I know a few things that I know about Mercy's LPN program is that they cost is almost the same as the RN program and the time is Monday-Friday 7-3pm. 

    2. elzabeellie


      oooo Thanks!

      that is a super fulltime program...  Not sure I would be able to work ...and hence ...   How would I pay rent ! ?     

      I would like to complete their RN program and was thinking to do both the LPN and the RN program there.  It seems that one can work during the RN year, NO?  


    3. jnurse98


      Yeah the RN program is way more flexible to work because first semester you go to school 3 days a week and 2nd and 3rd semester you go to school 2 days a week. 

  11. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    Thank you and no problem. If you want any info I will be happy to help if needed.
  12. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    PROGRAM UPDATE: Hey all, Just wanted to give an update about the program. I am in the 3rd and FINAL semester has started and it's of course different because of the online switch because of the rona virus. The schedule was originally Monday 4-10pm an...
  13. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    HI love I am currently in the LPN to RN program at Mercy. For the NLN PN it was more of a comprehensive exam about what you learned in LPN school. Like it had topics such as maternity (there was a lot of maternity questions), therapeutic communicatio...
  14. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    All semesters are 16 weeks or 4 months.
  15. Mercy Hospital College of Nurses LPN-RN Miami

    the escrow credits are the credits you'll receive from the LPN.