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  1. ann35211

    Don't Burn That Bridge When You Change Jobs

    This is a great well timed article. I plan to leave my current job at the end of the year to pursue nursing school. It is taking a STRONG ethic to not declare my true feelings.
  2. ann35211

    UAB AMNP 2020 Applicants

    Hi @KDRoss, Are shadow hours expected? I don't feel like I saw a mandatory section for that. (Please correct me if it is - I don't want to miss a THING!) I want to submit based on my current work experience by the end of the month. I really want to go to either UAB or DePaul. I also have two prerequisites to completed for both schools. Good luck!
  3. ann35211

    Depaul MENP Spring 2020

    Hi. I think it depends on which campus that you applied to in terms of the semesters. However, I have not heard anything as of yet. My pal will attend in the Fall and told me that the admin staff were really behind for the last few cohorts. She also said that they continuously try to fill the cohort before, so some people are ungraded to the next available slot if accepted. If you hear anything, please let us know!
  4. ann35211

    Depaul MENP Spring 2020

    Hello all! Is there anyone that has applied for the Spring 2020 cohort to DePaul MENP direct entry program? I submitted and am looking at the past posts to learn when to expect at reply.