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  1. Kmoss

    UH Manoa GEPN Cohort 2019

    Aloha! I am interested in applying to the GEPN Program this Fall 2019. I have my BA degree in Psychology from UH Manoa and I am currently at KCC taking the prerequisites for the program. I have already talked to Chris Stutes about the program and plan on going to the first info session this March. I don't have much background in nursing, but I am applying to volunteer and gain adequate experience. One thing that worries me is my gpa, it isn't very high and I feel that will affect my chances. Chris encouraged me to apply this fall and told him to give him a call back this coming April to get the application started. My questions are given my background and credentials, what can I do to improve my chances to get acceptance in the program? Also, if I do not, what is a good plan B so that when I apply again I have a more improved chance? Thank you and hope to hear a lot of feedback!