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  1. SchoolNurse1500

    Columbus State University - Fall 2019

    I got my acceptance letter too! Excited to start this journey. Ruby2101 the email came to my CSU email. Hopefully, you will hear great news soon.
  2. SchoolNurse1500

    Columbus State University - Fall 2019

    Zachem24, Thank you for your reply and I am sorry to hear that you were not accepted for the last term. Hopefully, we will both get accepted for the fall term. I find it interesting that some applicants were alerted of their status on the application deadline date. The wait is stressful.
  3. SchoolNurse1500

    Columbus State University - Fall 2019

    Hello colleagues, I have been reviewing the AllNurses website for some time and decided to become a member. In reviewing the website, I noted that there is a previous post related to Columbus State University's (CSU) Family Nurse Practitioner program for the part-time (PT) schema for the spring 2019; however, I have not found anything concerning the Fall (2019), full-time (FT) schema. I know that this is relatively soon, following the application deadline, but I am feeling anxious about acceptance and wanted to connect with some of the potential cohort peers. The application deadline was February 15, 2019. I check my CSU e-mail and portal frequently for an acceptance decision and noted that my application was "sent to department for review." I understand that this is a "waiting" period but the stress is agony. Just wondering, if anyone has heard anything from CSU. Also from previous/ current students, how would you rate this program? Does anyone know what the average GPA range for acceptance is and how they evaluate RN to BSN transcripts. I graduated with my associate degree in nursing with a 3.78 GPA and from my BSN program with a 4.0 GPA. I really appreciate everyone's help and look forward to reading your responses.