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  1. WildflowerFairy

    A challenging & rewarding job.... but a "dead end" in nursing?

    Dani_Mila Hang in there! It seems you have been getting good experience...take it and apply. Many facilities help pay for bridging to an RN. Good luck in your future!!
  2. Hi LTC nurses! I have heard that LTC is a proverbial "dead end" in a nursing career...is there any truth to this? Just curious about your thoughts
  3. WildflowerFairy

    Fired from 1st nursing job

    @Xance Thanks for your post I really agree with your advice that many nurses do well in other specialties better suited for them, I am since one of those, btw!! However, to your response to "point the finger at the organization", I don't. My hope in posting was to find others that have gone through what I experiencedand (hopefully) get some good advice while in my lowest point. What I, and I interpret many others on this post, recognize is that nursing in many, many areas-like acute care for example-are taking on patients who are sicker and sicker and would have traditionally been on higher critical care areas (even in LTC/TC). This is the ways of the world and can't be helped. What I do think from my experience that organizations as a whole are lacking in oftentimes (and why quality nurse residencies are so important) is adequate staffing, training, and resources to take care of them safely. I understand that is unique to my experience (only one place to where I work now). I think that is an important and valid area of concern for new nurses being knowledge rich and experience poor. Also nursing school just can't teach you everything. Just to be clear I don't fault organizations the most in situations like mine. it is far more about "common sense" critical thinking judgements and doing good diligence to make it as a nurse! However many many don't fit a mold in how we learn or pick up things the same way. And most importantly we should be able to ask if we are unsure (especially if patients are really really sick!)-not penalized or made to feel bad for doing so.
  4. WildflowerFairy

    Fired from 1st nursing job

    I'm a recent BSN grad and...I was recently fired from my first nursing job (a nurse residency program). Suffice it to say, it was on acute care unit, and I just wasn't "picking up" on things as fast as I should have been (no behavioral or other issues). Anyone have advice on where to move on from here? Also, any advice on how to word being terminated on a resume or in an interview? Also, any advice on any certifications or brushing up on skills or knowledge which might also help my chances? Thanks for the input!!

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