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  1. Wish4goodstaffing

    Fired for saying i might file safe harbor

    A few weeks ago I was called by a corporate nurse who verbalized I was being fired for saying i was thinking about filing safe harbor. She literally said this during my termination phone call. We had 2 cnas for the entire building and 3 nurses. My question is can I sue my former employer for wrongful termination???
  2. Wish4goodstaffing

    Managment is TERRIBLE

    They are out to get staff instead of showing actual leadership... this has made me want to give up on nursing completely. So extremely exhausted with this entire situation. Its like their goal is to strike fear into the employees instead of working together for the residents. When you treat your staff this way you can literally see it in the employees faces. Residents begin to see how stressed you are and even begin commenting on it... i really don't know what to do.
  3. Wish4goodstaffing

    Managment is TERRIBLE

    I am an LVN and I work in ltc. Ive been at the same job long enough to see 3 different DON's and 2 different administrators come and go. We recently got a new DON and she is like the devil in scrubs. She goes out of her way to try and find errors in EVERYTHING we do. I mean everything. Its come to my attention that shes been watching our med cards making sure we're giving our meds which i always do no exceptions. She never "caught" me not giving meds. She did catch another nurse on another hall who later said she did not pull the meds because that person was sleeping at the time. This erked me. It told me that she already considers us unhonest and not capable of doing our jobs. This is just the tip of the iceberg. She has now banned us from eatinng or drinking anything at all in the facility... even in the BREAK room "because it has a computer in it". So according do my DON i can only hydrate myself on the 30 minute break i may or may not even get to take OUTSIDE the building. Yet she has tea snacks and all kinds of things sitting in her office every single day. She banned us from bringing our cell phones into the facility, if we are caught with it its an automatic write up, who cares that we have kids at home right? Then she went and hid laminated cards under our residents and IN our residents clothes that say when you find this bring it to DON immediately..... im at my witts end and constantly walking on egg shells at work. Can you guys give some words of advice or encouragement please???
  4. Wish4goodstaffing

    Self reported charges were pending

    I am an LVN living in the state of Texas. I had a misdemeanor drug charge pending over a year ago. I self reportedto the board of nursing after my arrest while the charges were still pending. I was placed on probation for 1 year a few months later. My probation is almost complete and I willhave to renew my nursing license soon. When renewing do I have to report myself to the board of nursing again?