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  1. csmith0518

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Congrats everyone! I got into the ADN program! Can't wait to start with you guys!
  2. csmith0518

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Last round I was pretty upset so I waited to go talk to them... then around November I went in to schedule more HESI tests (to improve my points) and then I talked to someone about my last application and my points... I have worked really hard just like everyone else...so to feel like I can't even get into the program...it became very discouraging..but after talking to them..it gave me the confidence to reapply..and to keep trying.. So my fingers are crossed.
  3. csmith0518

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    I want all of us to make it too!!!! I am not sure about alternate spots yet though..hopefully...lol
  4. csmith0518

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    She also told me this round what the "min accepting points" were...she couldn't remember if it was high 78 or 80 points they let in... When I talked to Yolanda (nursing admission lady) last semester it was 68 points... I applied last semester and didn't get in...I improved my score and got more points this round and praaayyyinnng I make it this time..
  5. csmith0518

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    I work at Banner currently and this weekend I worked with one of the instructors. (she picks up on my unit often) She was apart of the deciding committee and she told me they finished looking threw and picking out everyone this last Friday, and emails should be sent soon. She also told me they had 350 applications this round and they are only accepting 110 students for fall. Good luck everyone! Hope we all get in!