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  1. caycar123

    Homehealth ICD10/Oasis reviewer

    Hi Guys, I am considering training in this program. Does anyone know what the future job prospects are? I am currently a HH nurse. I am looking at the Decision Health programs. Most jobs also want you to have experience coding (chicken or the egg). Any advice on getting my foot in the door?
  2. caycar123

    I graduated from nursing school at 56 years old

    Great story, I am 56 and was pondering going back to school for FNP, your past difficulties mirror mine in a lot of ways, and I have let discouragement put a pause to my goals. You are an inspiration my dear. Thank you
  3. caycar123

    56 and considering NP school

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking this forum for a minute. I am considering an FNP school post-MSN certificate. I am 56 and living in Austin, Texas. I have 35years experience and I expect to work into my seventies and working with Housecall Doctors. Anyone know if it would be difficult to find employment or know of anyone having difficulties which they suspect is due to age?. I'm weighing the costs and benefits and appreciate the input.