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  1. Hi hun I’d like to connect with you.. my fiancé is having trouble getting RN license. He deciding to apply for GA and hope to get an endorsement. 

  2. New York State RN App Denial

    I’m still waiting on an answer to my appeal. I’m not sure if you’re telling me or not, but I’m very aware of the need for disclosure which is why I’m going through this process. Although I prefer NY......It really doesn’t matter what NYS does as I’m ...
  3. Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    How is your foot care business going? How did you gain clients? I would love some marketing tips for a foot care business if you have any! Thank you in advance!
  4. New York State RN App Denial

    I’m going through this exact same situation in NY with the same (2:1) outcome. They have denied my RN licensure in a private hearing where I was unaware of the statistics but was denied. I had an appeal from that decision in August which was held as ...