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  1. nurseleer

    Master of Science- Nursing Informatics

    Hello! These two people that you mentioned - did they receive their education and get their jobs in Canada or in the US? Thanks!
  2. nurseleer

    Nursing in Vancouver vs Toronto

    I can't speak for Toronto, but I've worked at two emergency departments in BC as a nurse. My personal experience is that you have a lot more support in the ER compared to med/surg units. In BC, you can expect to work 12 hour shifts (2 days, 2 nights, 4 off if full-time). However, I often found it overwhelming & unsafe and it was not fulfilling for me because of the high level of aggressive and mentally unstable pts. I have worked with nurses who do enjoy their job, but it was not for me and I would not recommend it for the average nurse. Hope that helps!
  3. nurseleer

    Masters in Nursing - UVIC vs UBC?

    Hi Nurses! I am a RN, BSN and I'm wondering if there's anyone who completed the masters dual degree program at UVIC (health informatics & nursing) or at UBC (public health & nursing) and willing to share how it shaped their career (types of job opportunities, personal advice, etc). Any info would be helpful! Thank you!