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    I think I'm tapping out...I hate nursing :(

    Hey y'all, I am a nurse based in Toronto, Canada. I don't want to come off as pessimistic, but I do want to share my story. I'm embarrassed to admit, I entered this profession as a desperate attempt to find a meaningful career. I completed a 4 year BSc. degree and had no clue what to do with it once I finished. So I went and got my RPN/LPN at a local college thinking "Hey! I'll just be a nurse and help people!!!" .At first, I was very intrigued about the profession. After my 3 rotations (2x Internal Medicine; 1x Long Term Care) I quickly understood the reality of nursing for what it was - not what I thought it would be. I became increasingly worried because I didn't find passion in it like I thought I would. This was my second career move and I wasn't about to give up yet. So, I decided I would go and get my BScN (I know...I know...). I honestly thought I would fall more in love with nursing having entered a program with greater in-depth nursing knowledge. Maybe I'd like dealing with more complex patients!! I was wrong Here's my problem: I hate nursing. Correction: I hate hospital/clinical nursing. It's not for me, I do not find passion in it. And I'm so embarrassed to admit this to family and friends because once I'm done my BScN (I'm almost there...might as well finish...and get my RN) I'll have been in post-secondary school for 9 years in a row (tell me about it...). I don't want to work in a hospital, or at a longterm care place setting. What I do know: I like health, healthcare, health promotion. BUT I'm open to explore more fields. Do any of you have any advice for a RPN/LPN soon to be an RN on career change choices? Preferably one where I can utilize my nursing skills and don't have to go back to school. I have a mountain of student debt I'm not in a position to ignore right now....I really need your honest advice. PS. Please be kind, I know I haven't made the smartest life decisions, so spare me with mean comment